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1.     Appear Confident

You have to appear confident both verbally and physically. Your voice tone and body language should exude confidence and energy.

2.     Speak Their Language

By this we do not mean you start speaking their native language. What we mean is that you speak in terms they can understand. If you use jargon and terms that are beyond other people, the conversation would become one sided.

3.     Speak With Clarity and Purpose

If you speak unclearly and appear unsure of what you are saying, the conversation will die out quickly. Have something to say and say it clearly.

4.     Have a Sense of Humor

You do not have to tell jokes or make funny noises. All you have to do is keep the conversation pleasant, with a witty comment here and there, just enough to make them smile.

5.     Be Politically Correct

Make sure your sense of humor is politically correct and culturally acceptable. If dealing with international clients or business liaisons, make sure they do not misinterpret your humor for disrespect.

6.     Keep it a Dialogue

Make sure that the conversation is two sided. It is a common habit in many entrepreneurs to take charge of the conversation, but it is also important that the other person gets an equal opportunity to speak. They will lose interest if they realize you are only interested in speaking and not listening.

7.     Be Creative

Come up with new ways to deliver your point of view. Every business conversation doesn’t have to be a dry exchange of facts and figures. Maybe you can use multimedia to enhance a meeting.

8.     Meet Over Snack

Business meetings over lunch, coffee or a snack are much more pleasant and lively. Having something to eat for yourself and your partner in conversation is helpful in avoiding awkward pauses and silences.

9.     Give Feedback

The occasional “hmm”, “yes” and other similar responses can go a long way in keeping a conversation going.

10.Appeal to Their Imagination

Using terms such as “picture this” or “imagine that” can help spice up the conversation by appealing to the participants’ sense of imagination.

11.Read Their Body Language

If the people you are having a conversation with appear disinterested, then you are doing something wrong. Try changing your strategy, style and/or topic if possible and check if they appear interested.

12.Be Interested in the Topic

If you yourself do not find the topic interesting, the conversation will be short lived and dull. Whether speaking or listening, be interested in the topic so that you may engage others effectively.

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