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When you communicate with a prospect in person, their body language will give away clear signs when they are ready to be sold to. If you can learn to recognize those signs, it will become mighty easier for you to close the sale. Following are three important aspects of body language that can be used as a determining factor in making sales and closing the deal.

1. Eyes, Eyebrows and Facial Gestures

If the prospect has relaxed brows, smiling eyes and is maintain direct eye contact with you, they are comfortable with you and find the conversation pleasant. Now is the time to push for that sale.

If the prospect has tense brows, is looking away repeatedly, and/or avoiding eye contact, they are distracted, afraid or uncomfortable. Trying to push them for the sale at this point could result in losing the prospect.

When it comes to facial gestures, use your natural ability to form a general opinion about the prospect’s state. Do they look tense, happy, or uncertain? We all have the ability to read facial gestures, some more than others; all you have to do is pay attention. See if their lips are pressed tightly, or if they show an upward curve at the corners. Flat lines or frowns are indicative of their uncertainty about your product.

2. Posture

If the prospect has a rigid or closed body posture, do not push for the sale. Rigid posture, crossed arms, restless hands (playing with objects) indicate that the prospect does not trust you completely and is skeptical about your product.

Push for the sale when you see a relaxed posture, or if the prospect is leaning forward. If the prospect is perfectly still, it means they are listening to you but may or may not be interested in your product. A perfect time to close the sale is when the prospect is mirroring your posture, because it means they are following your lead.

3. Leg Activity

Any kind of leg activity is bad. If the prospect is bouncing their legs, or moving them restlessly, it means they are not comfortable and pushing for a sale at that point is a bad idea. If their legs are in a relaxed position that might be a good time to try and close the deal.

One important thing to realize is that all three aspects of body language are to be studied simultaneously. You cannot simply base your decision on legs, or arm movement alone. Observe their overall body language before trying to close the sale.

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