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1. Brainstorm

A common misconception about brainstorming is that it is limited to focus groups, board meetings and the business community in general. That is not the case; brainstorming can help improve your creativity in ways you can never imagine.

Rid yourself of all distraction, keep a stock watch handy (or use the stock watch option in your cell phone), and start writing down ideas one after another. The concept behind this exercise is to set a time limit and try to write the maximum number of ideas during that time. Once you put your mind under pressure to generate many new ideas within a time frame, your creative instincts will kick in.

2. Indulge Your Inner Child

Children are much more creative than adults, in order to improve your creativity, we recommend that you indulge your inner child every once in a while. Do you remember the time when you thought Santa was real? Pretend that Santa is real, and write about it, draw about it, or sing about it.

Another important source of children’s creativity is their curiosity towards things. When you are curious about something, look into it. Do not be shy when it comes to asking questions and exploring new horizons. Your creativity will improve if you allow your inner child to come out and play occasionally.

3. Break Your Routine

Nothing kills creativity more than routine. Although order is good for one’s life, falling into a routine can pretty much decimate any creativity you have. People who follow a routine usually find themselves functioning on “auto-mode”. They wake up, go to work, come home, watch TV, and go to sleep in an automated manner.

A routine can help put your life in order, and provide stability, but you have to break it from time to time in order to allow yourself to be creative.

4. Do Puzzles, Take Quizzes

Doing puzzles is an incredible exercise to improve your creativity. Puzzles allow you to view smaller aspects of a problem and the larger picture at the same time. Besides, it’s a fun way to spend time and can also be used as a group activity. You will find that your brain is most productive when it is relaxed, having fun and all the while trying to solve the puzzle.

There are several online quizzes and short tests that can be used to stimulate your mind and improve creativity. These tests also have a time limit, so they will turn out to be a quick exercise for your brain cells.

Follow these four methods, and let us know your feedback in the comments section below. We are looking forward to listening from you.

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