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Can’t come up with an idea to write? Staring at a blank sheet? Here are eight ways to overcome your writer’s block.

1. Re-write a Classic

Just to get things going, pick one of your favorite classics, and start rewriting it. Play with the story, change the plot, give the protagonist a secret identity, imply that the antagonist had good intentions, or make Bella fall in love with Jacob. You will see wonderful things happen once you get the ball rolling.

2. Ask the Readers

You must be in touch with your readers through social media websites. Ask them for ideas; ask them what they would like to read. You will be surprised at the amount of great ideas thrown at you.

3. Read

When in trouble, read. If the screen has been blank for way too long, it is better to minimize it and start reading material relevant to your genre. While reading, ideas will come to you.

4. Go Outside

Although “outside” is an alien term to most writers, but that is where the muses are. Go outside, take a walk in the park, go to the mall, seek inspiration in things and people, and then start writing.

5. Question Yourself

Remember that homeless person at the corner of the street? Who is he? Where does he come from? Was he born on the street? Why is he homeless? Start answering those questions and start writing, the sheet doesn’t look so blank now does it?

6. Relax Your Mind

You may have found yourself suffering from a writer’s block because of some stressful event in your life. Either use that event as writing material, or forget about it all together. In both ways, words will start flowing out of you.

7. Read/Listen to the News

The latest news is always full of juicy gossip, political drama, social debates and things that can make you wish to bang your head against the wall. Out of the ocean of news out there on TV and on the internet, there must be something that would appeal to you and make you write.

8. Read Your Old Work

I have always found reading my older work to be therapeutic and traumatic at the same time. As you read your previous work, you gain the confidence that you have done it before and you will do it again. At the same time you are horrified by some of the stuff you wrote and have the uncontrollable urge to write something better.

Either way, the blank screen is no more and you are happily on your way to writing heaven.

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