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1. Pessimistic Approach

If you have a pessimistic view of things, it should not reflect in your attitude towards work and towards your colleagues. If you are all doom and gloom consistently, people at work will avoid you and your boss and teammates will not be able to develop a healthy work relationship with you.

2. Lack of Time Management Skills

Develop your time management skills in order to increase your efficiency at work and in life. Be there on time, complete the assignments given to you within deadlines, and make sure you leave work on time as well. Practice this for a few days and see how your reputation improves.

3. Unhealthy Eating Habits

If you do not eat a healthy breakfast, and/or prefer junk food for lunch, your health conditions will deteriorate. You must develop healthy eating habits and must exercise in order to stay healthy and fit, so that you can perform at an optimum level.

4. Inability to Accept Change

Once an organizational change is implemented, it is faced with resistant to change which is a natural reaction from most employees. The change being implemented may not be the best thing in your opinion, but try to adapt to it as soon as possible. You must realize that changes are inevitable and if you do not accept change, you will not be able to advance in your career.

5. Being Shy

If you are naturally an introvert, or a shy person, it is most likely that you do not talk much with your teammates and boss. Even if your job does not require you to conversate with people, take a few minutes every day to say hi to your coworkers.

6. Staying in the Background

Make your presence known. No matter how hard you work, staying in the background can seriously hurt your career.

7. “Not my job” Attitude

If on occasion you are asked to do something not part of your job, and you feel confident that you can do it, then do it as a favor to your boss and your team.

8. Over-Reliance on Your Boss

You have to stop running to your boss every time something comes along. Have confidence in your decision making ability and solve problems on your own.

9. Personal Interruptions

When at work, try to keep personal calls and personal tasks to minimum. You will not be able to complete your work in time if you are constantly distracted, and your superiors will not be happy if they see you utilizing the company time for personal errands.

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