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One of the basic things they teach in any sales workshop is that the sale wouldn’t happen unless you ask for it. You have to speak to the prospect(s), ask them the right questions and then ask them to make the decision. The words you use to close the sale, along with the tone of your voice, play a decisive role in whether you will be able to close the sale or not.

When speaking to a prospect, try to use words such as new, guarantee, discover, save, easy, results etc. These are the most effective words when trying to grab the prospect’s attention.

Another important term that you can use is “free”; nothing catches their attention like the chance to get something free. However, make sure you can deliver on whatever promise you make during the attention grabbing process.

While you describe the benefits of your service/product, replace positive words with their ultra-positive versions. Instead of using good, use great. Similarly, change words with negative connotations into something that sounds positive, instead of using impatient, use anticipating.

Avoid using negative terms as much as possible; be extra careful when using them.

When you are at the last stage and about to close the sale, ask the prospects to perform the desired action and give them a time frame to do so. The most simple yet most effective closing phrase is “buy now”. Similarly; act now, do it today, do it this evening and win a free price etc are all good closing lines.

If the prospect is reluctant even after you have delivered your closing lines, give them a brief review of all the benefits they have to gain from the transaction. Make them realize that what they are buying is something they really need, and that you are the best person to get it from.

You have to keep one thing in mind, the prospect has heard many sales pitches before, and so they must be familiar with a few of the techniques themselves. A tried and tested method of closing the sale is to involve the prospect in the conversation, and get them to say ‘yes’ as much as possible. The more they say yes to you, the harder it becomes for them to say ‘no’ when you close the sale.

Other important words (and phrases) that you can use while closing the sale are “consider”, “immediately”, “extra benefits”, “limited offer” etc.

Use these phrases and let us know how they worked in the comments section below.

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